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Quality assurance

Quality assurance


Product quality is the firm foundation for enterprises to base themselves on the market and participate in competition.

Huashi company has set up Key Laboratory of auxiliary power supply below DC1500V / 500KVA, Key Laboratory of DC1500V / 1.65mw traction system, electromagnetic compatibility laboratory, vibration laboratory, high and low temperature laboratory, and equipped with TCMs network monitoring test platform, DC600V charger / inverter test bench, rapid temperature transformer box, salt spray test box, dust-proof test box, waterproof test box and other detection equipment.

Through and in accordance with the requirements of iris, ISO14000, OHSAS18001, CRCC and en15085 international welding system requirements, a perfect management system is formed, and a lean production line is established. According to the technical conditions, test and measurement methods and requirements of technical documents specified in international standards, the performance indicators of products are tested and spot checked.

The continuous improvement of quality control procedures enables Huashi products to have the ability of real-time monitoring in design and development, production and delivery.

Institute of electrical engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences is one of the most important strategic partners of Huashi company.

As the only national research institution with electrical discipline and engineering as its main discipline direction, it is located in the cross research of strategic high-tech and electrical science in the field of electric energy, with the mission of serving the major scientific and technological demand of energy and electric power and the frontier development of electrical science in the future; Among them, it has formed in-depth cooperation with Huashi company in technology application in rail transit fields, including high-power power electronic drive, traditional wheel rail rotary motor traction, linear motor drive technology, and high, medium and low-speed maglev traction.

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