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Yuhua economic development zone leaders to the company for the "14th Five-Year Plan" industrial planning research

On April 20, Yuhua Economic Development Zone leaders, experts and a team of experts came to Nanjing Huashi Electronics Scientific Co., Ltd. to carry out the "14th Five-Year Plan" industrial planning research, the company's deputy general manager Liu Youyi, Vice Minister of Research and Development and Design Sun Zhuzhang and other leaders accompanied.

Huashi company won the "2020 Outstanding Contribution Unit" title of rain flower through the open area

Recently, the Nanjing Yuhuatai District Committee of the Communist Party of China Development Zone Industry Committee, Yuhua Economic Development Zone Management Committee awarded Nanjing Huashi Electronic Scientific Co., Ltd. "2020 Outstanding Contribution Unit" title. This honor is not only a recognition of the outstanding achievements made by the Company in the economic development of the Development Zone, but also an affirmation of the important contribution made by the Company to the social progress of the Development Zone.

Huashi company's New Year's resumption of work epidemic prevention two hands

At the beginning of the new year, in order to ensure a good safe production environment after the festival, so that all staff smoothly resume work and a new attitude to carry out good work,

Nanjing HuaShi Company Wishes All The People In China a Happy New Year

Rats bid farewell to the old year Taurus welcomes the New Year Nanjing Huashi Electronic Scientific Co., Ltd To wish you The national people's Happy Spring Festival and auspicious Year of Ox Best wishes for the happiness of your family

Hua Shi holds the 2020 Advanced Recognition Conference

On February 6, Nanjing Huashi Electronic Scientific Co.,Ltd. organized the 2020 Advanced Collective and Individual Recognition Conference. Su Ming, Chairman of the Company, Zhang Yueming, General Manager, Chen Ailin, Zhang Chen, Liu Youyi, Deputy General Manager, Zheng Zhiwei, Minister of Technology and Production, heads of relevant units and representatives of advanced collective individuals attended the meeting.

Huashi Company helped The World's First DRT Go Online

On January 1, 2021, the world's first light-electromagnetic digital guided rubber roller low floor train (DRT) was put into trial operation at the T1 demonstration line in Lingang New Area of Shanghai. The train was developed and manufactured by CRRC Nanjing Puzhen Co., LTD., Nanjing Huashi Electronic Scientific Co., LTD. Participated in the research and development of traction and steering systems and provided support.
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