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Urban rail electrical products
Metro rail auxiliary converter
Subway/Light Rail Auxiliary Converter is mainly used in Urban Rail Transit Vehicle Auxiliary Power Supply System, which includes Inverter Unit and Converter Unit to supply power for medium and low voltage electrical equipment of vehicles.
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Pulling motor
Subway traction motor adopts three-phase rat cage asynchronous electric motor, using frequency conversion and variable voltage speed regulation mode. The traction converter output three-phase AC power to power the stator winding of the traction motor.The rotating magnetic field is generated on the motor stator winding, which cuts the rotor conductor to sense the electromotive force and current. The rotor conductor is exerted by the electromagnetic force under the action of the magnetic field, forming the electromagnetic torque, driving the motor rotation, converting the electric energy into mechanical energy, and driving the train to run.
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Metro traction converter
Metro/light rail traction converter is mainly used in the traction system of urban rail transit vehicles. Its principle is to convert the power supply of catenary into the power supply needed by traction motor of vehicles to provide traction force and electric braking force for the whole vehicle.
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Light Rail/Metro Electrical Box
Include junction box, junction box, high-voltage box, battery box, etc. According to different positions and functional requirements, corresponding devices and equipment are installed to realize vehicle cable connection, high-voltage control, etc.
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The coupling consists of two half couplings connected by flanges. The traction motor and gear transmission device are connected by tooth coupling to compensate for the relative motion and installation error between the motor shaft and the driving gear shaft caused by the irregularity of the line, vertical, longitudinal and lateral displacement when passing through curves and corners, and the deflection change of a series of empty and loaded vehicles, etc. At the same time, the torque and rotational motion output by the traction motor are transmitted to the gear box.
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Driver Controller
Manual operation control device for rail metro vehicles, which is mainly used to provide direction, running mode, traction, braking extreme position instruction device for vehicles.
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High Pressure Box
High-pressure input loop components for integrated traction converters and auxiliary converters.Control the switching between traction, auxiliary input power supply and ground by the high voltage disconnecting switch.
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Braking resistor
The brake resistor is mainly used to consume the excess energy that the power grid cannot absorb in the electric brake to ensure that the intermediate DC circuit voltage does not exceed the limit. Brake resistor is composed of brake resistance, cooling fan, thermostat, metal box and other components.Each bullet train is equipped with one brake resistor with two separate brake resistors; each brake resistance is forced air cooled and powered by the 400VAC circuit of the traction converter cooling system.
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Main fuse box
It can effectively prevent the impact of the power supply network when serious faults such as short circuit occur at the back end of the fuse output, and can also physically isolate the converter from the power supply network to avoid the further expansion of the fault.
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Lightning Protector
Protect the DC supply grid overvoltage, can effectively prevent the overvoltage from outside the vehicle (such as lightning strike) and the operating overvoltage inside the vehicle to the vehicle electrical equipment insulation damage.
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Metro/Light rail control cabinet
It includes ac/dc control cabinet, electric cabinet in the passenger room, TCMS control cabinet, air conditioning control cabinet, comprehensive control cabinet in the driver's cab, etc. It has such functions as ac/dc power distribution, system detection, equipment control, diagnosis and protection, vehicle information prompt, etc. It can be jointly designed and developed with customers, and implemented and verified by vahz.
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