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Straddle monorail application
Monorail【Driver Unit】
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Monorail【Auxiliary power unit】
The monorail APU integrates four power sources of 3AC380V, AC220V, DC110V and DC24V, with liquid cooling mode, light weight, less than 150kG; the internal unit adopts modular design, easy to maintain; the train CAN network communication, maintain Ethernet, and download and maintenance with fault information.
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monorail【Traction Converter】
The control, drive, communication and other cores of this Liuzhou monorail project are independent design, involving water cooling system, box and other structural parts are also independent design. The drive unit uses optical fiber to realize the electrical isolation of instruction signal and state feedback signal, which greatly improves the anti-interference ability in high-power converter application;
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Monorail【Traction reactor box 】
Inhibiting the surge voltage and the surge current can improve the power factor and inhibit the harmonic current of the inverter, filter out the harmonic voltage and the harmonic current, and improve the quality of the power grid.
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Implement the driver's instructions to control the longitudinal movement of the train;Monitor and respond to the vehicle hard line to control the state of the train line;Monitor and respond to the vehicle control data received from the vehicle CAN bus network;
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