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Maglev / linear motor project application
Maglev【Water cooling control box】
Adjust the water temperature of the cooler by controlling the rotational speed of the cooling system motor.Finally, the function of controlling the temperature of the cooling system is achieved.The control unit has a self-diagnosis function. Then, the cooling control system can reliably record and store the information about the operation status and faults, and can exchange the data with the portable PC through the standard maintenance port (Ethernet).The control unit has the fault recording function.The fault information shall include the fault code, the time of fault generation and disappearance, the number of repeated occurrence, etc.TRDP real-time communication system is adopted.
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Maglev【Auxiliary filter】
The charger drives all DC24V DC load and meets the charging requirements of the battery. The battery can be floating charged according to the charging characteristics of the battery. The battery box has the temperature compensation control function.When the train has no network pressure, the capacity of the battery should be able to supply the internal emergency lighting, external lighting, emergency ventilation, on-board safety equipment, broadcasting, partial display, communication system for 30 minutes, and the train should be switched once and the auxiliary power supply can be started when the network pressure is restored.
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Maglev【Traction / auxiliary converter】
The traction inverter is integrated with three traction inverter modules, the main purpose is to convert the harvested DC voltage into the inverter voltage three-phase voltage, used to control the traction motor to drive the vehicle for traction, inertia and braking conditions.Traction converter IGBT semiconductor device uses circulating water cooling for effective cooling, the inverter structure is very compact, through the internal and external cooling cycle, the heat of the inverter is effectively passed out to prevent overheating.The traction / auxiliary converter is integrated with two traction inverter modules and one auxiliary inverter module. In addition to the traction drive function, it also undertakes the function of auxiliary power supply, which can convert the DC voltage into three-phase sine wave voltage to supply the AC load of the vehicle. Small volume, high integration, large energy.
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Each traction main circuit has a line filter.The line filter includes a line reactor, set in the filter box.Auxiliary filter box integrates auxiliary transformer and output filter reactor except for line filter.At the same time, the filter box and auxiliary filter box with a fan, using forced air cooling.
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Maglev【High voltage box】
The high voltage electrical box integrates the main loop contactor, fuse and other protective devices, and is equipped with a network pressure sensor to monitor the voltage of the line network. Small volume, set up multi-stage protection, network pressure monitoring.
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