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RRT【Traction Convertor 】
The main purpose of the traction converter is to convert the DC voltage obtained from the new energy into a three-phase voltage, which is used to control the traction motor to drive the vehicle in traction, inert and braking conditions.Traction converter IGBT semiconductor device uses circulating water cooling for effective cooling, the inverter structure is very compact, through the internal and external cooling cycle, the heat of the inverter is effectively passed out to prevent overheating. Small size, large energy.
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RRT【Traction Motor 】
Permanent magnet synchronous motor has high efficiency, high power factor, wide speed regulation range and other characteristics of built-in permanent magnet synchronous motor, while the robust control method is applied to the hybrid electric vehicle energy recovery technology.Permanent magnet motor has a strong overload capacity.
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RRT【Water Cooling Device】
The water cooler shall be able to cool the temperature of the circulating fluid in the system below 60℃ to ensure that the converter and traction motor can operate normally under vehicle operation.The water cooling device should automatically adjust the fan speed according to the water temperature of the heat exchanger outlet, so as to adjust the water supply temperature of the water cooling device. The water cooling device uploads the operation status and alarm information of the water cooling device to the vehicle general control through communication.
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RRT【Sectional Contactor】
The new energy traction converter is output to the middle part of the traction motor.Due to the existence of permanent magnet, even if the external power supply, permanent magnet motor rotation will produce reverse potential, inverter and three-phase isolation contactor between permanent magnet motor, to isolate the reverse potential of permanent magnet motor, avoid converter failure due to the permanent magnet synchronous traction motor on the power module, support capacitor and other components.
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