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New energy power package solution
New energy power pack solutions
In order to respond to the call of national new energy application and enterprises' own development, combined with the demand for high safety of new energy power in urban rail transit, our company takes lithium titanate batteries and related BMS technology as the core, provides power batteries for the RRT models of Nanjing Hexi Tram and Wuhu PATT, and has been loaded for testing and entering the operation assessment stage. Subsequently, in terms of technology, according to the characteristics of frequent charging and discharging of high-power rail transit vehicles, the research and development of lithium titanate battery power modules is carried out to meet the requirements of use. At the same time, combined with the characteristics of power batteries, vehicle use requirements, our product technology, to create a new energy power supply of small and medium-sized vehicles and engineering vehicles with power packs. In terms of technology, it will be more miniaturized, lightweight, high efficiency and low cost.
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