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Energy storage device
The energy storage device adopts lithium titanate battery, which has good safety, high and low temperature performance, long cycle life and wide working environment temperature range (-20℃~45℃). The battery is cooled by liquid, and the weight of the whole machine is less than 1500kG;. Each internal unit adopts modular design, which is easy to maintain; Communicate with the MVB network of the whole train. At the same time, the control unit of the whole train is provided with the maintenance Ethernet, and the BMS unit is provided with the maintenance CAN network to support the download and maintenance of fault information.
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Water Cooling Device
The water-cooling device should be able to cool the temperature of the circulating fluid in the system to below 60℃, so as to ensure that the converter and traction motor can work normally under vehicle operation. The water cooling device shall automatically adjust the fan speed according to the water temperature at the outlet of the heat exchanger, so as to adjust the water supply temperature of the water cooling device. The water-cooling device uploads the running status and alarm information of the water-cooling device to the vehicle master control through communication.
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Traction Motor
Permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) has the characteristics of high efficiency, high power factor and wide speed range. At the same time, the robust control method is applied to the energy recovery technology of hybrid electric vehicle. The overload capacity of permanent magnet motor is strong.
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Traction converter
The main purpose of traction converter is to convert DC voltage obtained from new energy into three-phase voltage with variable frequency and voltage transformation, which is used to control the traction motor to drive the vehicle to run in traction, inertia and braking conditions. The IGBT semiconductor devices of the traction converter are effectively cooled by circulating water cooling, and the structure of the inverter is very compact. Through internal and external cooling cycles, the heat of the inverter is effectively transferred out to prevent overheating. Small size, high energy.
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