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National Railway Electrical products
Integrated control cabinet
The control cabinet is the electrical control equipment that controls the functions of vehicle power distribution, air conditioning unit, emergency power supply, battery under-voltage protection, lighting, communication, etc., including common power distribution cabinet and electrical comprehensive control cabinet. Mainly used in 22B, 25B, 25G, 25K/25T railway passenger cars, track inspection car, official vehicles and other special vehicles, and exported to Pakistan, Georgia, Argentina and other countries.
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EMU charger
It mainly charges the on-board battery of EMU and supplies power to DC load. Phase-shifted full-bridge soft-switching technology is adopted, which has high efficiency and good reliability. Mainly used in CRH1 and CRH3 series emus.
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Water pump system inverter power supply
The AC100V/50Hz control power supply for the water pump system of EMU. Mainly used in CRH2 and CRH6 series EMUs.
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Power conversion device for rescue
This equipment is an emergency power supply equipment used in the rescue of locomotives when a major train failure occurs. It converts the DC110V power supply of locomotives into DC100V power supply. It mainly provides emergency power supply for the necessary control, braking, lighting and living equipment of EMUs.
Mainly used in CRH6 series EMUs.
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Axis temperature detector
The product is a temperature sensor, which is used to detect the temperature of axle end and gear box of EMU. When the temperature exceeds the limit set by the detector, the axle temperature detector is open. Mainly used in CRH2, CRH6 series EMUs.
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Vehicle-outside temperature acquisition system
The product is used to collect the temperature outside the vehicle, which is divided into two parts: the external temperature sensor and the interface box of the external temperature sensor.
Mainly used in CRH2, CRH6 series EMUs.
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Under-vehicle holding temperature relay
The product is used to detect the ambient temperature of the water tank of EMU, and to detect the ambient temperature of the water tank through its temperature sensor, so as to protect the water tank of the train from the influence of low temperature.
Mainly used in CRH2, CRH6 series EMUs.
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Bus charger
This product charges the battery of ordinary bus and supplies power to DC load. Mainly used in 25G/25T electrified trains, high-speed chartered cars, infrared detection cars, track inspection car, special vehicles, military vehicles, etc.
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