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Nanjing Huashi Electronic Scientific Co., Ltd. was established in 1992. Its headquarters, R&D and production base are located in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China. It is a state-level specialized, new and small giant enterprise and a high-tech enterprise. It is also a strategic partner of Institute of Electrician, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and jointly owns Nanjing Huashi R&D Center of Institute of Electrician, Chinese Academy of Sciences.


Since its establishment, the company has resolutely taken the strategic route of technology leading enterprise development, based on the autonomy of core technologies while seeking differentiated development, and constantly seeking innovation in the multi-standard urban rail transit market. It has developed into one of the brand suppliers of traction systems, control systems and other related products and solutions in the domestic rail transit field.


Relying on the advantages of high-power power electronics technology, the company has laid out the electric drive industry with multiple arrows, covering the electrification application of national railway, traction electric drive system of rail transit, power assembly of construction machinery (electric drive system of high-power mining machinery, electric drive rail engineering vehicle system, marine power system), new energy power package solution, life cycle maintenance solution, etc., and providing supporting services.

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Development Vision

Become an overall solution supplier of high-power power electronic technology+new energy power system. The company always adheres to the corporate philosophy of "honesty, innovation, high quality and high efficiency", takes win-win cooperation as its foundation, takes independent innovation as its core orientation, and continuously pursues the excellent quality of products to realize the sustainable and efficient development of enterprises.


Scientific research strength

Nanjing Huashi has nearly 100 R&D personnel. The core personnel of Nanjing Huashi R&D Center team have more than 10 years' experience in the integration and design of electric drive system and power supply system, and master the core technologies such as traction calculation of drive system, parameter calculation and selection of major components, design of software and hardware of various converters, etc.

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