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Obtained the locomotive oil to electricity conversion project from Aurizon, the largest railway freight operator in Australia

● Obtaining the S ã o Paulo Monorail Project;

● Obtained the Monterey Metro Line 4 and 6 project;

● Obtained the Tram Line 1 Vehicle Unwheeling Repair Project in Suzhou High tech Zone;

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Acquisition of representative new standard vehicle product projects such as DRT/RRT

● Shanghai Lingang T1 project officially put into operation

● Winning the bid for the traction system project of Nanjing Metro Line 10 Phase 2 (batch application of fully autonomous traction system)

● The import substitution of new energy power packs for Hexi tram has been reviewed and approved, as well as its installation and application

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● Obtain traction system project of Suzhou S1 line

● Autonomy metro traction system passed review of before pilot operation test

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● Established IEE Huashi Electric Nanjing Company

● Passed testing test of Passenger-carrying Operation for Traction System of Linear Motor Vehicle
● Obtain overhaul orders for Shanghai Line 10 Metro Project
● Obtain the APU&VIM of Bangkok Yellow Line and Pink Line , Thailand
● Obtain traction system project of Suzhou S1 line
● Autonomy metro traction system passed review of before pilot operation test
● Obtained Beijing Airport Line linear electric locomotive traction system 250 km overhaul project
● Obtained the APU of Cairo Project, Egypt

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● Acquired Beijing Airport Line (Linear Motor) Vehicle Traction System Project.

● Acquired the traction system project of the north extension line of Nanjing Line 1 and the West extension line of Nanjing Line 2.
● Establishment of Nanjing Huashi Technology Center of IEECAS in cooperation with IEECAS.
● Establishment of Nanjing Huashi Beijing Technology Center.
● Passing Type Test of Autonomous Traction System.
● Autonomous Water Cooling System Passed Type Test and Owner Appraisal.
● Loading and Trial Operation of Traction System of Construction Vehicle .
● Traction Inverter and Auxiliary Inverter of Shenzhen Line 4 Phase III Project Passed URCC Certification .

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China's first 200 km/h quasi-high-speed train (Guangzhou-Shenzhen) high-frequency converter charger.
● China's first double-deck EMU (Shanghai-Nanjing) high frequency converter charger and inverter.
● China's first 70% low floor tram in Dalian won the bid.Traction

● Auxiliary System Project of Wuhu Monorail Line 1 and Line 2.

● Nanjing Metro Line 5 Traction System Project. 

● Phase III Traction System Project of Shenzhen Metro Line 4.

● Guangzhou Metro Line 9 Additional Purchase of Traction System Project.

● Overhaul Project of PIM2 Module for Nanjing Metro Line 1

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● OCU (Traction Inverter) Module Overhaul Project of Nanjing Metro Line 1 and Line 2 Buses.

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● Dalian Trolley Traction System Reform Project

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● Winning the bid for Guangzhou Line 9 traction system project
● Winning the bid for Nanjing Line 1 additional traction system project

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● Self-developed auxiliary power supply and train network monitoring system for the third phase of Changchun light rail are delivered in batches and run stably.

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● Beijing Fuba Line 180KVA Auxiliary Power Supply Passed Review Online Operation Batch Delivery

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● Winning the bid for 30 trains of Dalian 70% tram traction system

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Cooperation with German KIEPE Company, winning the bid for Changchun Light Rail Traction System Phase I

● Qualified supplier qualification from Siemens and Alstom

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● The fourth speed-up of China Railway: Beijing-Shanghai advanced box special train, train network monitoring system

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● Third Speed Increase of China Railway: DC600V Auxiliary Power Supply for Intercity Double-deck EMU Shenzhou (Beijing-Tianjin Shenzhou)

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● China's first 200 km/h quasi-high-speed train (Guangzhou-Shenzhen) high-frequency conversion charger

● China's first double-deck EMU (Shanghai-Nanjing New Shuguang) high-frequency conversion charger and inverter

● Winning the bid for Dalian China's first 70% low-floor tram

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● China Railway first speed-up main products: emergency power supply, gated power supply, electrical control cabinet

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● Nanjing Huashi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established

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