The company's auxiliary power supply unit (APU) has completed the domestic research and development and entered the mass production stage


With the rapid development of science and technology, the independent innovation ability has become an important embodiment of the core competitiveness of enterprises. With its excellent independent research and development ability, Huashi company has successfully developed the auxiliary power supply unit suitable for Monorail 300 cross-seat monorail models, and successfully passed the strict audit of experts from Alstom Global Technology Center. At present, the product has entered the mass production stage, achieved 100% independent research and development, and completed the import substitution of the same type of products. This achievement marks that the Auxiliary Power Unit products will enter the international market with the globalization strategy of Alstom Monorail 300 cross-seat monorail model.

The Auxiliary Power Unit product is a product carefully developed by Huashi Company for Monorail 300 cross-seat monorail model. It has many advantages such as small size, light weight, high efficiency, high reliability, easy maintenance and so on. It is suitable for the application scenarios of low axle weight requirements, short construction cycle, strong turning ability and great climbing ability. In terms of technology, the company has used advanced digital control technology, DC output parallel flow equalization technology, inverter SVPWM control technology and dual closed-loop control strategy and other designs, to ensure the efficient and stable operation of Auxiliary Power Unit.

It is worth mentioning that in the design process of Auxiliary Power Unit, Huashi fully learned the industry experience of Auxiliary Power Unit, followed the design requirements of Alstom Global Technology Center, matched the international standards, overcame many difficulties, and finally successfully completed the design of the product. Alstom Experts from the standard compliance, design principle, parameter calculation, device selection, simulation check and test verification and other aspects of the Huashi independent Auxiliary Power Unit strict audit, the company with excellent product design, reliability, won the unanimous praise of experts.

On February 23,2024, at the final configuration of the Auxiliary Power Unit type test, the design and status of the Auxiliary Power Unit were approved by the Alstom experts. In response, Ms.Paloma Moran, Global Vice President of Alstom, highly praised the progress and results of the whole project, and said that the product could be recommended to other Alstom global projects in the future. This important event is not only its high affirmation of the company's technical strength, but also a good expectation for the company's independent use of Auxiliary Power Unit globalization.

The picture shows the lifting and lifting site of the first train of the monorail project of Monterey Line 4 and 6 of CRRC Puzhen Company

At present, the company's autonomous Auxiliary Power Unit has been successfully applied in the Sao Paulo additional purchase project in Brazil and the Monterey project in Mexico, and is in continuous delivery. It is reported that the current product can be perfectly adapted to the stock market of the model, such as Wuhu rail transit line 1, line 2, Thailand yellow powder line and Cairo Egyptian monorail, as well as more similar type of vehicle market in the future, the Auxiliary Power Unit will be widely used with the globalization of monorail.

The successful development and application of independent Auxiliary Power Unit marks that Huashi company will become a global qualified supplier of Alstom and officially go international with the globalization of Monorail 300 cross-seat monorail model. In the future, Huasi company will continue to adhere to the concept of independent innovation, constantly improve the technical strength and product quality, to provide users with more quality services.




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