Huashi company was awarded the national key specialized and special new "little giant" enterprise


Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology officially announced the third batch of first-year recommended support of the national specialized and special new "little giant" enterprises list.With years of innovation in the field of rail transit, Nanjing Huashi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully selected.


The public support list is from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the national special special new "little giant" enterprises selected a number of focus on market segments, focus on the main business, strong innovation ability, good growth of special new "little giant" enterprises, is specialized special new "little giant" enterprises worthy of the name of the "vanguard".Cultivating the national key "little giant" enterprises, on the one hand, can provide technical support to solve the problem of "stuck" neck, strengthen the weak links in key areas and fill the domestic gap; on the other hand, it can play a demonstration role in driving the industry to achieve high-quality development of related industries.


Adhere to innovation to meet the butterfly change, break the monopoly to fill the blank

Huashi company since its establishment, adhere to the technology leading the enterprise development of strategic route, based on the core technology autonomy while seeking differentiation development, constantly seeking innovation in the standard urban rail transit market, has developed into a domestic urban rail transit traction system, control system and other related products and solutions of one of the brand suppliers.

The 750VDC linear motor vehicle traction and auxiliary power supply system independently developed by the company breaks the monopoly situation of foreign manufacturers on the existing airport line operation vehicle traction system and the same type of products, Effectively fill the gap in China's rail transit independent industrial chain, At present, the product has been successfully used in the national Beijing Capital International Airport line, And to provide operation services for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, Winter Paralympic Games and Beijing Two sessions; The digital track train (DRT) automatic guidance system jointly developed by the company and the team of Tsinghua University, The use of electromagnetic labeling and other technologies to create a first digital drive; Collaborative innovation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences and CRRC Group, Jointly develop a medium and low speed maglev traction system, Break down the barriers of international manufacturers in the field of transmission and control technology; To fill the gap in the field of maglev train in China; The independent traction and auxiliary system of trans urban monorail vehicles developed by the company, Using the domestic leading permanent magnet synchronous traction technology, It fills in the short board of the trans-seat monorail in the traction control technology.


We will take the road of "specialized, special and new" and play a leading and exemplary role


 Company relying on high power power electronic technology precipitation advantage, arrow layout power drive industry, radiation scope including iron electrification application, urban / city rail transit traction electric drive system, construction machinery powertrain (high-power mining machinery power drive system, electric power drive rail vehicle system, ship power system), new energy power package solutions, the whole life cycle maintenance solutions, etc.While enhancing the core competitiveness of high-power power electronics technology, the company continues to innovate on the basis of this technology, and maintains the iteration of its own products and technologies, so as to realize the integrated innovation in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain.


This year, the company has upgraded the rail transit electrification test station, and built a new energy testing laboratory, effectively improving the company's testing capacity, providing a strong guarantee for product design, testing and delivery, and laying a solid foundation for the road of "specialized, special and new".


The selected special and new "little giant" enterprise is the recognition and encouragement of the company's independent innovation ability and technology research and development strength, as well as also the full affirmation of the company's sustainable operation ability.In the future, we will take this as an opportunity to continue to dig deep ploughing in the field of rail transit, increase the investment in technology research and development, and provide a strong post-power for the development of enterprises.


Tips:Let's understand what is the national key special and new "little giant"



Refers to "specialization, refinement, characteristic, novelty"


The "Little giant" enterprise

Refers to the main business, strong competitiveness, good growth, focus on market segments.


National specialized and special new "little giant" enterprises

The leader in the specialized and special new small and medium-sized enterprises, it is a vanguard enterprise focusing on market segmentation, strong innovation ability, high market share, mastery of key core technologies, and excellent quality and efficiency.


National key specialized and special new "little giant" enterprises

Selected from the identified national and specialized and specialized and new "little giant" enterprises, focus on market segmentation, focus on the main business, strong innovation ability, good growth of specialized and specialized and special and new "little giant" enterprises.


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