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Traction Converter

Monorail transportation systems are an important part of urban transportation systems, with the advantage of saving floor space to alleviate traffic pressure, and have strong adaptability to complex terrain.

Detailed introduction

Product advantage This Liuzhou monorail project traction converter control, drive, communication and other cores are designed independently by Huashi, and the structural parts such as water cooling system and box body are also designed independently by Huashi. The drive unit uses optical fiber to realize the electrical isolation of command signal and state feedback signal, which greatly improves the anti-interference ability in the application of high-power converter.
performance parameter

The modular power unit supplies power to two traction motors

Input power supply: rated 750VDC;

Power rate: 175kW (maximum traction power) /250kW (maximum electric braking power) for a single module

Cooling mode: liquid cooling; Installation method: vehicle bottom

Communication mode: MVB, Ethernet

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