Demonstrating Outstanding Strength Again, Huashi Group Successfully Delivered Its Star Product, High-power Electric Drive System


Recently, Zhongke Huashi Electric Technology Nanjing Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Huashi Group, once again stood out and successfully delivered its second 100-ton high-power mining truck electric drive system, marking the beginning of a new stage in Huashi Group's fuel-to-electricity energy upgrade strategy.

The development of new energy construction machinery is an important national strategy. With higher ecological requirements on mining from the government, a large number of mining companies need to update old equipment and eliminate equipment with high energy consumption, high pollution, and high noise. A number of new energy equipment companies focusing on environmental protection have emerged, and Zhongke Huashi is seizing the opportunity.

Zhongke Huashi determined the research direction of off-highway rigid mining dump trucks in 2021 and began developing electric drive products in the same year. After two years of research and validation, the first set of autonomous high-power electric drive system was successfully delivered by the end of 2022.

The first set of electric drive system was installed and commissioned on site, and the chairman of the Group, Kuang Jianping, led the main technical leaders to inspect the vehicle's condition. They stated that the achievement cannot be achieved without the efforts and collaboration of all employees in the company, as well as the strong support of sister companies.

The chairman emphasized that as an important way for the group to enter the field of off-highway rigid mining vehicles, we will race against time to accelerate the completion of product loading and debugging work, and make every effort to promote early acceptance and trial of the project. Together with the leading Chinese mining truck OEM Inner Mongolia North Hauler Joint Stock Co (NHL), we will promote the innovative development of new energy construction machinery and vehicles to meet the diverse needs of the market and promote the widespread application of new energy technologies in the mining field.

Generally, the construction conditions of open-pit mines are harsh and the workload intensity is high, which requires higher reliability and safety of transportation vehicles. In order to use the product in harsh environments, Wang Shuhui, the technical leader of Zhongke Huashi, led the team to conduct in-depth research on the mining operating environment, modularize the design of the high-power electric drive system, and select high-temperature-resistant, long-life lithium iron phosphate batteries, effectively resolving the problems of power and endurance of mining vehicle and meeting the operating requirements of on-site working conditions. At present, the first mining truck has been put into trial operation at the Wuhu site of Anhui Conch Group Co., Ltd. During the operation, it has demonstrated excellent performance such as stable operation, high transportation efficiency, and low costs.

The delivery of the second set of products fully reflects the product and service advantages of Zhongke Huashi, marking customers' high recognition and trust in the company's strength in R&D, production, and delivery. In the future, the company will continue to strengthen its R&D capabilities in high-power power electronics and new energy technologies, with the goal of comprehensively improving user experience, making high-quality and high-standard products, bringing greater value to users, and assisting the development of green mining transportation.

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