Prevention first life first | company to carry out new employees induction fire drill


In order to further popularize the fire awareness of new employees and improve their fire skills, Nanjing Huashi Co., Ltd. organized a fire training on December 14, aiming to make new employees have a deeper understanding of fire work and master the necessary fire skills through actual combat drills.

In the fire safety theory training link, the safety person in charge of the company explained the typical fire cases in recent years to the new employees, and analyzed the causes of fire, alarm methods, initial fire fighting, fire escape and self-rescue methods, etc. Through the case analysis, the new employees deeply realize the danger of fire and the importance of prevention.

During the exercise, they learned how to use the fire extinguisher correctly, including how to check, remove the pin, and press the root of the fire. Participants took turns to carry out practical exercises, and gradually mastered the use of fire extinguishers.

The company's equipment and safety department said: " Through this fire emergency drill, we have effectively improved the fire safety skills of the new employees, and enhanced the ability to self-protect and deal with emergencies. At the same time, we also hope that we should fully realize the importance of fire safety work in daily work, firmly establish the "safety first" work concept, do the alarm bell, prevention, prevention and elimination combination, to ensure that prevention in the bud.”

The fire drill not only enabled the new employees to master the fire fighting skills, but also enhanced their awareness of fire safety. I believe that in the future work, the new employees will be more full of enthusiasm and more solid skills into the work, to lay a solid foundation for the company's fire safety work.

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