Huashi Autonomous Battery Management System (BMS) passed the test and is ready for loading


Recently, the battery management system (BMS) independently developed byNanJing HuaShi Electronic Scientific Co., Ltd. has passed the third-party type test verification, and will soon be installed to replace the original Nanjing Hexi tram generation products, which marks the affirmation of the BMS system technology stable market ability of Huashi Company.

As the brain of new energy battery, battery management system (BMS) plays a vital role in ensuring the safety of the battery and is the core component of new energy battery. Based on the company's new energy business development needs and the automotive new energy battery suppliers' lack of thorough understanding of the battery system required by the rail transit industry, the company organized the research and development team to overcome technical bottlenecks, epidemic and other difficulties after a year of in-depth study. The team successfully converted the innovative research into application results and obtained a BMS invention patent, which contributed to the company's breakthrough in the field of new energy battery control technology.

At present, Huashi's independent battery management system (BMS) has cooperated with lithium titanate batteries and passed routine internal tests of the company, and successfully passed type test verification of third-party EMC on electromagnetic compatibility, high-temperature and high-rate charge and discharge, IP protection, salt spray, impact and vibration, fire and other tests in accordance with the requirements of national rail traffic management standards such as Provisional Technical Specifications for Battery Management System for Locomotives and EMUs TJ/JW 129-2020 and GB/T 25119-2021 Railroad Vehicle Electronic Device. Compared with automobile standards, rail transit standards are more comprehensive and strict in detection. For example, SOC cumulative error requires more accurate, fault diagnosis coverage points are more complete, and monomer acquisition accuracy is higher. The company's products have successfully passed the test and will soon service Nanjing Hexi tram to replace its first generation products.

The new generation battery core management system has better safety and faster response than the original system, more accurate current acquisition, more accurate current integral and higher stability. The system can support 4G wireless communication, realize remote data real-time monitoring and storage, do battery state analysis based on battery big data, optimize SOX algorithm; Is suitable for ternary lithium battery, lithium iron phosphate battery, lithium titanate battery and that like, has the capability of match active equalization or passive equalization according to the characteristic of different batteries, and has rich external interfaces; The key signal acquisition is designed with redundancy, and the contactor output supports double diagnosis of coil end and contact end, ensuring safer function.

The successful research and development of battery management system (BMS) meets the higher demand of rail transit industry and helps the company enter the echelon of new energy core technology industry. In the next step, the company will increase investment in resources, promote the battery management system to update the iterative work, positive innovation, for the country's new energy, energy conservation and emission reduction, green environmental protection of rail transport to contribute a force.

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