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On February 6, China's urban public transport hydrogen energy digital rail rubber wheel, as the representative of the new rail industry in 2022, appeared on the 10 "Fashion Technology Show" column of CCTV. The vehicle is green and environmentally friendly and full of sense of science and technology. It is developed and manufactured by CRRC Nanjing Puzhen Vehicle Co., Ltd., Nanjing Huasi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. develops and makes traction and auxiliary system, and Nanjing Huashi subsidiary provides self-guidance system and panoramic viewing system.


The vehicles have been operated on the T2 line in the main urban area of Shanghai Lingang New Area, which is the second planned route after the operation of Lingang Line 1, and can connect and transfer with Lingang Line 1 and Shanghai Rail Transit Line 16.

Train assembly of traction controller, auxiliary converter by China electronics company independent research and development design and supply, the traction controller with permanent magnet synchronous motor for the vehicle traction and electric braking force, using harmonic eliminate calculation Angle wave algorithm control technology, at the same time, reduce energy consumption, increase reliability, has the advantages of small size and light weight. The auxiliary converter includes the inverter unit and the transformation unit, which integrates the vehicle auxiliary battery to provide power supply for the vehicle medium and low voltage electrical equipment. The modular design effectively guarantees the reliability and maintainability of the product. This product is a carefully crafted product by Huashi engineers, which is another loading operation following the rubber wheel Fast Tram (RRT) project and Shanghai Lingang Line 1 project.

Shanghai lingang traffic in line 2 vehicles carrying the guidance system adopted the advanced full axis coordination follow steering control technology, make the vehicle through the same trajectory, the system integrates the laser radar, binocular visual sensor, Angle and attitude sensor multi-dimensional perception system, combined with dynamic model mainly for vehicle attitude, using machine learning, target aim, visual processing technology for train provides a stable and reliable, high precision, real-time steering control function.

The panoramic viewing system integrates the multi-channel images collected by the cameras around the train into a bird's eye view panoramic vision system. The system visualizes the ultrasonic radar ranging results and displays the panoramic images around the train in real time, providing real-time images around the train and effectively improving the safety of vehicle operation.

As the first public transport vehicle with hydrogen energy power in China, the Shanghai Lingang Zhongyun Line 2 is an important breakthrough for the traction control technology and self-oriented technology independently developed by Huashi Company to become mature in the field of new standard transportation. In the future, Huashi company will continue to maintain the spirit of ingenuity and deeply ploughed into the field of rail transit, constantly innovate and lean technology, and help the green, intelligent, economic and safe new energy transportation industry.


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