Huashi Company assisted the trial operation of Shanghai Lingang Zhongyun Line 2


On October 28, 2022, China's first medium-capacity public transport line 2 using hydrogen energy power was successfully opened for trial operation. The train is led by CRRC Nanjing Puzhen Rolling Stock Co., Ltd., Nanjing Huashi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. independently develops and manufactures traction and auxiliary systems, and Nanjing Huashi subsidiary (NanjingHhaqing  Transportation Technology Co., Ltd.) provides self-guidance system and panoramic surround view system.

Shanghai Lingang Zhongyun Line 2 is located in the main urban area of Lingang New Area, which can be connected with Lingang Zhongyun Line 1 and Shanghai Rail Transit Line 16, and is the second medium-volume route planned and constructed after the opening and operation of the Zhongyunli No. 1 demonstration line. The whole vehicle adopts advanced technologies such as photoelectromagnetic digital track guidance, rubber wheel travel, hydrogen energy, low floor, high-efficiency electric transmission, articulated bogie, all-wheel steering coordination control, etc., which integrates the advantages of reliable guidance, low-carbon environmental protection, advanced technology, low cost, strong road adaptability and flexible marshalling.

The traction controller and auxiliary converter assembled by the train are independently developed, designed and supplied by Huashi Electronics Company, in which the traction controller cooperates with the permanent magnet synchronous motor to provide traction and electric braking power for the whole vehicle, and uses the calculation angle wave algorithm control technology of harmonic elimination to ensure traction performance at the same time, reduce energy consumption, increase reliability, and have the advantages of small size and light weight. The auxiliary converter includes an inverter unit and a conversion unit, integrates the vehicle's auxiliary battery, provides power for the vehicle's medium and low voltage electrical equipment, and the modular design effectively guarantees the reliability and maintainability of the product. The product is another installation and operation of the Relay Rubber Wheel Express Tram (RRT) project and the Shanghai Lingang Line 1 project.

The self-guidance system equipped with Shanghai Lingang Zhongyun Line 2 vehicle adopts advanced full-axis coordinated following steering control technology, so that the vehicle travels through the same trajectory, the system integrates multi-dimensional perception systems such as lidar, binocular vision sensor, angle and attitude sensor in one, combined with the dynamic model to mainly solve the vehicle attitude, and uses machine learning, target pre-aiming, visual processing and other technologies to provide stable, reliable, high-precision, real-time steering control functions for the train. The panoramic surround view system integrates multiple images collected by cameras around the train and splices them into a bird's eye panoramic vision system, which visualizes the ultrasonic radar ranging results, displays the panoramic surround view images around the train in real time, and provides the driver with real-time images around the train, effectively improving the safety of vehicle operation.


The successful opening and trial operation of Shanghai Lingang Zhongyun Line 2 is a solid step towards the maturity of the traction control technology and self-guidance technology independently developed by Huashi. In the future, Huashi will further cultivate the low- and medium-volume rail transit market, provide electrified traction systems and self-guiding systems for medium- and low-volume transportation in more cities, and help the future green and intelligent transportation industry.



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