The company's independent 100-ton pure electric rigid vehicle electric drive system has achieved phased victory


In early September 2022, huashi group subsidiary division China electric technology co., LTD. Nanjing is responsible for the independent hundred ton pure electric rigid car electric drive system research and development, process, production, testing work made achievements, the project smoothly into the joint test stage, marked the huashi group in the field of mining engineering machinery vehicle oil change electricity important step.

Hundred ton pure electric rigid car electric drive system is mainly used in the hundred ton traditional mechanical drive mine new energy transformation, new energy vehicles new made, as the power system of the vehicle, its products include the power battery unit, electric control cabinet (traction inverter, high and low voltage power supply, control components, switch and protection devices, etc.), traction motor, cooling system and other components. The system adopts the advanced rotor magnetic field directional control technology (vector control), which can realize the real-time control of the traction motor of the mining car, and has the characteristics of system modularity and easy maintenance.

The system encountered many problems in the process of software and hardware research and development, including high power, traction software control algorithm development, battery / electric control / motor components such as system, logic, control timing, complex technical problems, and battery box ear welding, charged installed process difficulties, but you worked hard, in the process of work, actively promote the work timely and efficient completed with the relevant departments, one by one to carry out the process, production, testing, for the project into the alignment test stage laid a good foundation.

A large number of non-road mining vehicles are used for open pit coal mine, iron ore, copper ore and other mine transportation. In the last century, mostly imported, in this century, China began to repair and new manufacturing, but it is understood that whether imported or new, the power system is mostly driven by the direct and direct crossing system of diesel engine belt generator. For enterprise own development and response to the call of national new energy use, zhongke with China electronics company in the field of rail transit mature traction converter and electric drive technology, independent developed high-power electric drive instead of traditional diesel drive system, using the lithium iron phosphate battery system, for the highway mine car energy saving, safety, green provides a new solution.

The 100-ton pure electric rigid vehicle electric drive system has entered the joint test stage, and is expected to start delivery at the end of October for loading and joint adjustment. In the future, Huashi Group will continue to develop and innovate, forge ahead, improve the development and design, and actively promote the application of electric drive traction system, so as to provide inexhaustible power for the development of the construction machinery industry.

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