The signing and pledge conference of the business target of the company in 2018 was successfully held


On the morning of February 10, the company signed the oath of 2018 business objectives of the conference held. In order to further clarify the work responsibilities, to ensure the smooth realization of the company's 2018 annual business objectives and the smooth and orderly development of various businesses. Members of the company's leading group and heads of various departments attended the signing ceremony. The conference was an important meeting held in the first year of the new era of development.

At the signing ceremony, zhang yueming, general manager of the company, reviewed the achievements of the company's work in the past year, made a detailed analysis of the deficiencies found in the process of various work, and put forward specific requirements for the work in 2018. After that, general manager zhang yueming signed the 2018 annual business target responsibility letter with each department head.




The meeting calls on everyone to take this conference as an opportunity to define the goals and tasks, strengthen the mission and responsibility, enter the state at the beginning of 2018 as soon as possible, pool their strength, work hard, and build on the momentum to complete the annual target in a comprehensive and high-quality manner. With a more full spirit, more high-spirited fighting spirit, more pragmatic style, not forgetting the original intention, vigorously carry forward the spirit of struggle, with struggle to win happiness, with practical actions and work achievements to make a new and greater contribution to the leapfrog development of vashi!

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