Huasi traction to help Mexico Monterey demonstration vehicle open operation!


Recently, the Mexican Monterey DRT (Digital-rail Rapid Transit) demonstration vehicle was officially put into operation on the Monterey Aikovia Line. The traction and auxiliary system of the train is independently developed and manufactured by Nanjing Huashi Company, and the self-guidance system is provided by Nanjing Huashi subsidiary (Nanjing Huaqing Transportation Technology Co., LTD.). The successful operation of the project marks that Huashi Wisdom Manufacturing went abroad again and contributed China's strength to the international public transportation cause.

The monterrey DRT demonstration vehicle operates a total length of 11.5km, with a total of 17 stations, from the first Lincoln Bus terminal to the end station Mitras Metro Line 1 transfer station. According to the project plan, DRT vehicles will be operated on the existing BRT line and mixed buses for a one-year operation demonstration task.

Previously, China developed DRT models traction, auxiliary system has been successful in Shanghai lingang T1 / T2 line stable operation, the train assembly traction controller, auxiliary converter is based on the company mature technical experience, optimizing the software algorithm, which makes the train traction performance more stable, lower energy consumption, higher reliability, less electromagnetic noise, for the train provides a more stable and safe power guarantee.

The successful operation of the monterey DRT demonstration vehicle in Mexico is an important step for the company to achieve "going global". In the future, the company will further enhance the technology research and development strength, to provide high-quality products and technical support for more projects.

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