Good News! Huashi's Hybrid System Was Successfully Applied in Large-Scale Mine for the First Time!


In active response to the call of Chinas green mine concept, major mining production enterprises are plunging into the construction of green mines. In this process, the demand for electrification of off-highway mining dump trucks, an important equipment for open-pit mining, is becoming more and more prominent, showing a rising trend. Against this background, Huashi Electronic Company seized the opportunity and successfully developed a hybrid power system, which brings a new power option for the future of large off-highway mining dump trucks.

Recently, the mine electric wheeled mining vehicle hybrid power system transformation project Huashi participated has successfully experienced its project appraisal meeting. At present, the transformed vehicle has been running in the mine for 14 months, with stable equipment operation and the technical level reaching the domestic first-class. It marks that the reliability and energy-saving principle of Huashi's hybrid energy-saving transformation program for mining vehicles has been fully verified, and it is qualified for mass market promotion.

At present, the main models of large mining dump trucks still use diesel engine as the power source, which can cause high fuel consumption and serious pollution. Based on this pain point, Huashi has developed a hybrid power system transformation program for electric wheeled mining trucks.Under the premise of not changing the braking system and power system of the existing vehicle, the electric wheel mining car is equipped with batteries and corresponding equipment to reduce the power output of the diesel engine, reduce diesel consumption, reduce pollution, and achieve the goal of energy saving and emission reduction.

The core of the vehicle modification is the braking energy regeneration system composed of battery, bi-directional DCDC converter, water-cooling system and electrical box, the combination of which can provide unprecedented power and efficiency for all kinds of electric-wheeled mining trucks, such as 4400 and 930E. The hybrid system in particular is composed of high-power bi-directional DC/DC converter + energy storage system which can recover kinetic energy when the vehicle is going downhill under heavy load or braking, and reuse it when hauling to further improve energy efficiency.

There are two notable innovations in the entire project execution. First, our independently-developed battery management system BMS provides precise measurement, efficient control and all-round protection functions for the battery charging and discharging process. Through the real-time monitoring and control of the BMS, the battery is able to operate stably within a safe range, ensuring the reliability and stability of the system.

Secondly, Huashi has successfully developed a DCDC converter which is suitable for mining and matching with battery applications. This product is designed for mining applications, and as the key conversion medium between mining dump trucks and power batteries, the selection of its bi-directional DC converter is crucial. The high-power bi-directional DCDC converter introduced by Huashi is equipped with multiple contactors, fuses and other switching devices, which can separate the retrofit system from the original system without stopping the vehicle or human intervention when there is a failure of the DC/DC converter or the battery pack, which does not affect the normal driving and use of the original vehicle, and also demonstrates excellent independence and safety.

Bi-Directional DC/DC Converter

With years of experience in R&D and application of high-power power electronics technology, Huashi has successfully overcome the challenges of complex technology, high development difficulty and harsh application environment of the electric drive system of mining cars. The technical team verified the reliability and stability of the performance of the components of the hybrid system and the charging and discharging of the battery system through various testings, and finally realized the successful factory loading and passed the operational assessment.

Compared with the original fuel truck, the attendance rate of the modified diesel-electric hybrid remanufactured mining truck is comparable to that of the same class of fuel trucks, and the fuel saving rate is 8.8% as verified by the project, which is very significant in terms of economic and environmental benefits. After upgrading and transformation, there is more room for further improvement !

Huashi has always adhered to the design concept of high technical standards and high safety requirements, and by changing the transportation energy usage of traditional fuel mine trucks, it has improved the power output and operation efficiency of the vehicle, and realized green energy saving and emission reduction in the mining transportation link. This innovation not only provides more choices for the future development of large off-highway mining dump trucks, but also contributes to the green development of China's mining industry.

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