Huashi company achieved a new breakthrough. The new energy laboratory was built and put online


As the last fence installed, Nanjing China electronic technology co., LTD. Rail transit electrical testing test station upgrade, the new energy laboratory completed into the commissioning stage, network traction laboratory, environmental laboratory, EMC laboratory, electrical performance laboratory and other laboratory upgrade completed and put into use, marked the Chinese company test ability to achieve a new breakthrough, to a new level.

The test station covers an area of about 5000 square meters, the current total investment amount of 50 million yuan, with large fixed equipment and testing instruments more than 150 sets, more than 90% of which are imported equipment, functional, advanced technology, reliable accuracy, meet the demand of the company to design test at the same time, but also can provide baseline test services for other companies.

The test station of Huashi company extensively absorbs the advanced construction experience of the key laboratories at home and abroad, adheres to the overall planning, implements it step by step, and carries out the orderly construction of the test capacity. Through this expansion and upgrading, the test and testing capability of Huashi Company has broken through the modular test, and formed a series combination test station of subway traction system combination test, new energy traction combination test, battery charge and discharge test, electrical performance, temperature and humidity test, EMC and IP grade test. Jointly support the test and test work of subway, monorail, tram, municipal vehicle, RRT, DRT, engineering vehicle, EMU and other various types of train system products.

Company test center using digital and remote management mode, improve the staff collaborative work efficiency, test engineer experience, can put forward professional and targeted opinions and solutions, save the construction cost and effectively shorten the design cycle, ensure the design quality, ensure the quality of product delivery.

The test station expansion window for the construction of new energy laboratory, the laboratory is the first real new energy laboratory in the domestic rail transit field, the company in response to the call of national new energy use and enterprise own development, combined with the urban rail transit demand for high power new energy safety, China planning since early 2021, new energy laboratory after more than a year of selection discussion, construction, installation and commissioning to today, from scratch have the final success online. The laboratory can realize the new energy power system main products (including power battery pack, traction system, charge and discharging cabinet, etc.) of independent testing, can also simulate the actual application of system alignment test, and can further extend to include the highway cars, engineering machinery, electric ships and other kinds of condition of electric application scenarios. Taking into account the characteristics of new energy products, the laboratory is equipped with braking energy feeding device, self-circulating cooling system and explosion-proof cabin, which can fully test the energy saving effect, environmental performance and safety of new energy products to ensure that the products meet the requirements of safety, performance, storage, transportation and other requirements. The completion of the construction of the new energy laboratory will lay a solid foundation for the promotion and application of the company's new energy products in the field of rail transit.

Test station has accumulated for Nanjing metro line 1 purchase project and line 1 north extension project, Nanjing metro line 2 extension project and west line 2, Beijing airport line purchase project, Nanjing metro line 5, Nanjing hexi tram power new energy project, Shanghai lingang T1 line project, Suzhou rail transit S1 line project to provide test services. In the future, the company will unswervingly promote the construction of the laboratory, for product design, testing, delivery to provide powerful guarantee, actively improve detection ability, strengthen the cooperation with universities and research institutes and professional institutions, gradually in traction and control system design and manufacturing, research test, quality inspection, form a complete test ability and qualification, for the development of rail transit electrification products localization contribute a strength.


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